Roller Derby

“Helpful in terms of level of cover plus due to the interest in the sport and the event we actually got a higher level of cover for no extra cost.  Great to have staff who are enthusiastic about the event they are covering” London Rollergirls11722455_959297750756919_7586252897441133550_o


GB Emergency Medical Services Ltd have been involved in Roller Derby since December 2010 when we were invited to become Medical Sponsor and Cover Provider to the Dorset Roller Girls. Since then we have provided medical cover to literally hundreds of bouts and tournaments across the UK as well as becoming the first UKRDA Endorsed medical team for Roller Derby cover.  Our involvement in Roller Derby has been so much more than “Bout Cover”, Our team have been involved in shaping “Tournament Medical Standards” within the UK and maintain a keen interest in the sport as a whole.  We even have our Derby Names on our Uniforms..

We pride ourselves on being familiar with the WFTDA rules regarding Medical Cover as well as the WFTDA Safety Protocols. We recognise that teams are run “By the Skater, For the Skater” and have to cover the costs of bouts themselves. To this end we provide experienced medical teams to Roller Derby bouts whilst maintaining a realistic yet WFTDA compliant approach.

In 2012 we confirmed our commitment to Roller Derby by becoming the UKRDAs’ first Official Sponsor. As part of this Sponsorship agreement we offer Member Leagues a 10% Discount on the cost of their medical cover. We are currently the only Medical Team able to wear the UKRDA patch on our Roller Derby uniforms and we wear it with immense pride.  GB-EMS also provides Training and Supplies to Roller Derby Leagues – at heavily discounted prices.. get in touch for more information.

Details of our Really Successful “Roller Derby First Aid” Training course can be found HERE


We’re current “Dedicated” and “Contracted” Medical Providers to the following Leagues:

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But we also regularly work with many other leagues across the UK on an Ad-Hoc Basis.

In addition to this we have been involved with the following tournaments:

2012 UKRDA Expo Tournament

(Co-Sponsor and Medical Team)
2013 UKRDA Sur5al Expo Tournament
(Co-Sponsor and Medical Team)
2013 UKRDA Southern Regional Tournament

(Medical Team)
2014 UKRDA Invitational Tournament
(Co-Sponsor and Medical Team)

2015 UKRDA Invitational Tournament
(Co-Sponsor and Medical Team)



The Men’s Roller Derby World Cup 2014
(Medical Team and Co-Sponsor)




 The End of the World Series 2012
(Medical Team)



2012 Mens European Roller Derby Championships

(Medical Team)
2013 Mens European Roller Derby Championships

(Medical Team and Sponsors)

012 Sur5al Series
2013 Sur5al Series

2014 Sur5al Series
2015 Sur5al Events

(Medical Team)


Heartland Series
Heartland Series 2013
Heartland Series 2014

(Medical Team)

In 2015, We’ve been heavily involved in “British Championships” Bout days on a League by League Basis..

 If you would like more information on how we can help you, or if you would like to book us for cover at your next bout, please email us or phone our team on 0845 686 5767

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