The GB-EMS Group Recruitment Process, The 5 Stages.

The GB-EMS Group Recruitment Process, The 5 Stages.

Stage 1 – Application

Anybody that wishes to join any part of the GB-EMS Group will have to fill out an online application form, which is on the careers page of our website, regardless of where you originally heard about us, be it; facebook, indeed, the job centre etc. This form asks very deliberate questions as it gives us the information we need to see rather than CV information that is often irrelevant for the roles candidates apply for. Once you have completed the application form it gets sent to our recruitment team who will then contact you, if you have been shortlisted for Interview.

Stage 1 Top Tips - Make it obvious, keep it relevant and don’t waffle. We spend a lot of time reading though a lot of information thats irrelevant to the application, or we are left confused by (for example) a candidates current employment, location or what qualifications they actually hold. By all means we love reading detail about a candidate, but keep it focused to the role you’re applying for.


Stage 2 - Interview

If you are successfully shortlisted, you will be invited to an interview either at our Southampton Head office, or for Isle of Wight candidates, our Isle of Wight base. The interview will take anywhere from thirty minutes to a little over an hour depending on how much needs to be discussed. During the interview there will be a lot of paperwork to go through followed by a formal question and answer interview session with one of the GB-EMS management team.

Stage 2 Top Tips, Paperwork! Making sure you have all the documents we request to see at interview will massively help us progress your application and create a good impression on the day. The documents we ask for, we need for a reason. Failure to bring these on the day may result in additional delays further along the application process. Also if you are coming to us as “Unqualified”, don’t worry, we are not going to ask you any questions that we would not expect you to know the answers to, this stage is not designed to test your knowledge its designed to find out who you are as an individual.


Stage 3 - DBS and References

This stage of the application is often the one that takes the longest and is very much out of the hands of the GB-EMS Recruitment team. If a candidate requires a new DBS check to be completed these can take anywhere between 2 and up to (and sometimes exceeding) 100 days. Additionally we will be contacting two references after the interview for a written account of each candidate, this again can often takes time. Unfortunately this part of the application is probably the most important for us, the one that takes the longest and is the hardest to complete. Without an acceptable DBS and two acceptable references, we can not finalise an application or confirm employment.

Stage 3 Top Tips, Choose the right referees. Having someone that will be proactive in replying to us is key to the speed of your application. The problem we regularly find is having to chase a candidates referees for a reply, weeks after the interview. Make sure the people you put down know we will be contacting them and know what to expect in order to help your application.


Stage 4 - Confirmation, Qualification and Induction

If you have successfully completed the previous 3 stages, Well Done, you’re almost there , all you need to do now is pass our induction process and you’re in the team! For those joining us as “Trainees”, your initial training will happen at this stage. Make sure you read our minimum standards on our recruitment page so you know what you will be undertaking. You will need to pass your qualification, as without it you can not work for us. This intial training will take 3-5 days (If not more) depending on what you are offered. Induction is then a two day process that will cover all our policies and procedures and will include practical assessments for those already qualified. Its important you take notes here and pass the assessments as we need candidates to prove competency. We will only asses you to the level you are expected to be working, so as long as you know your skill set, you will be fine.

Stage 4 Top Tips, Do your homework! If you’re already medically qualified, make sure your skills are fresh and up to standard. Practice at home to make sure you pass on the day. For those “unqualified”, do research into the ambulance service and broaden you knowledge as to what is expected from an ambulance crew. In all cases taking notes from these days and asking your induction trainer lots of questions as this will also help all candidates understand how the GB-EMS team operates.


Stage 5 - Application complete.

Congratulations you have made it onto the GB-EMS Group! You will now be ready to start working shifts and being an effective part of our growing staff base.

Stage 5 Top Tips - Keep on top of your paperwork and knowledge. Although our HR team will keep track of paperwork like DBS statuses and Qualification expiry, be proactive as a staff member and take charge of your own status. If you know you qualification runs out in 6 months for example, start making plans to make sure you don’t find yourself in a situation where you are no longer able to work

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