Team Purple

Team Purple

Team purple

The Event Welfare team.

Sunrise sees the start of our first day on site, opening up the Welfare centre, preparing for the day ahead – what will come through our doors? What will be that first phone call?

Our team is diverse, nothing is a given for the day. Knock, Knock, our day has begun.

A gentleman with an electric scooter, is struggling through the door. He is worried because his scooter is not going as it should. The team springs into action, contacting a local supplier of mobility scooters, assisting the gentleman to make an appointment and arranging for the repair of the scooter. Secondary to this, his heart monitor is also running short of battery power so our charging services go into action all while our gentleman chilled out with a cuppa and a friendly chat.

A few minutes later, a young man we’ll call Tom, came in for his morning chat and reassurance from our team. Tom struggles as a vulnerable adult, who attends some large events with his father as their annual getaway. Tom has become a regular visitor over the last few years, and looks for us at every event he attends, knowing that we are there to provide the support he needs to help him enjoy his time away. This time he has come in all excited, it’s the first day of the event; Tom shows us his cards, Yellow/Green and Red, it’s a new system he has brought to the event to help communicate his feelings/mood/emotions should he be in a difficult situation.. What a great idea!.. We (with Tom’s permission) brief stewards and medical teams with this new information.

The phone starts ringing, its security!! A young boy (About 2 ½ years old) has been found wandering around one of the campsites. We take down all the information we need and arrange for the security team to bring him to us, while we try to work out where he should be. Louis comes into our special area, ready for young children, with a few toys and our fully trained and experienced team who sit and try to entice some information from louis. We draw pictures, talk about who he is with, his favourite part of the event? All building a comprehensive picture of Louis and his las few hours. It is amazing how Louis could describe his grandpa’s campervan down to the stickers on the door, all this information gives the Security team little clues as to where Louis is staying.

Louis has gone to bed the night before, when the campsite was quiet, then woke up and went to go to the toilet – the words of a 2-year-old; “The aliens took the toilet” (In reality many more tents had appeared overnight, between his van and the toilets). 20 minutes after Louis came to us, security had traced his parents, who had not realised he was missing but the picture of the van door was so good it led them straight to the parents. Mum was so worried, having done all of our checks, a happy reunion of a very brave boy with an anxious mum.

And its still only 9:30 in the morning.

Read our next blog to see how the day progresses.

*All names used are ficicious to keep service user anonymity

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