Service Review 2017 / 18

Service Review 2017 / 18

Service Review 2017-18 

It has now been a year since the new GB-EMS website launched in conjunction with the GB-EMS Group restructure and rebrand. It has again been a hugely busy year with service demand ever increasing through our event medical cover, ambulance services, medical training and event welfare services. 

After some quick math we can confirm in the last 12 months (May 17 - May 18):

- 40,945 man hours in total were committed to run the GB-EMS Group.  

- Of that, 34,826 man hours were spent in direct patient contact either though event medical or ambulance service commitments. This is a 23% increase on our 2016 - 2017 figures. This figure also includes the transportation of over 1000 patients within a 3 month period for just one single client. 

- 2,443  hours we worked by either an Ambulance Technician or a Paramedic.

These figures do not take into account staff volunteer hours or the time given by our company directors. 

A huge notable expansion in the last 12 months is our ever growing relationship with the Isle of Wight, where so far the GB-EMS Group has committed over 2,000 man hours on the Island. This has been mainly through supporting the Isle of Wight NHS trust but also includes a few events and hosting several FREC courses. Due to demand this number looks only set to increase over the next 12 months with our growing island based team talking a more active role group wide.

An improvement on last year is that even on christmas day this year we had a crew out working at an event which means every day since our last yearly report post we have had an operational crew on the road in some capacity. 

The Great Dorset Steam Fair in 2017 was another busy event with nearly 500 patients either self presenting to us at the medical centre or needing an on site ambulance response. Of those only 8% required further hospital or walk in centre admission, of which those requiring an emergency ambulance journey were all conveyed by ourselves.

It was also our first full season supporting Cancer Research Race for Life with a Paramedic or higher led team at every event. This year we have taken on even more Cancer Research events across the south central and south east area and look forward to helping support all the ladies in pink.

Other notable event successes include the New Forest, Winchester and ABP Southampton Half and Full Marathons again all with Doctor, Nurse and Paramedic Cover. 

A brand new fleet of CRU’s have entered our service in 2018, offering a better level of treatment available by our cycle responders as their carrying capacity has been redesigned and increased.

Further the reach of our service never fails to amaze us with patient transfers well into northern England and Scotland made in the last 12 months. Moreover, assisting industry partners we have assisted in the repatriation of many aeromedical patients including one that traveled all the way from Bangkok in an intensive care state.  

We would like to say a massive well done and thank you to all our dedicated staff over the last 12 months that have tirelessly worked to provide a high level of patient care. 

We would also like to thank all our industry partners, clients, students and service users for their continued commitment in our service.

The next 12 months are set to be even more busy with new events added to our 2018 calendar, and daily demand still increasing. 


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