Medi 4 Holdings merges with GB-EMS Group

Medi 4 Holdings merges with GB-EMS Group

Medi 4 Holdings Limited and GB-EMS Group Limited have combined their complimentary businesses to form a larger, more diverse and resilient private ambulance service.

This merging of skills, experience and resources, in this highly competitive sector, brings greater depth, stability and consistency of medical and patient care, to a service that is constantly in the public eye. It will further increase our professionalism and skill base, facilitate both geographical and business category growth and, provide our commissioners with high standards in patient care and, excellent value.

The new entity will operate under the Medi 4 brand. We do not envisage any change to staffing levels, salaries or roles, in the short term, and forecast an expansion of the current businesses and the creation of new opportunities in future.

The merging of interests is being planned and implemented now, with a go live date of 1st September 2018.’

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