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Event Medical Cover


GB-EMS Group are joining forces with Medi 4 Ambulance Services and will be working together under the Medi 4 Brand to provide further improved Event Medical Cover and Ambulance Services to a wider community. Our combined skills and experience, backed up with a greater availability of staff and resources and improved quality of equipment promises our clients and patients a greater level of service.

From 1st September 2018, all bookings and enquiries undertaken, will be managed under the Medi 4 Brand.  You are encouraged to complete the online enquiry form on our website, to gain a quotation in the usual way, alternatively, feel free to drop us an email with any questions, or requests for Event Medical Cover to events@medi4.co.uk

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Our Event Promise

GB-EMS aims to provide high quality medical support in a safe and flexible way, to meet the needs of Event Organisers, Participants and Governing Body Regulations and to promote the Health, Safety and Welfare of all Event Organisers, Participants and Employees

The GB-EMS Event Service is getting busier and more active year on year.  Our continued expansion sees all of our services experiencing continuous growth with more available clinicians, more responding vehicles and ambulances than ever before. Combined with a higher quality of resources.  GB-EMS is a service that offers an abundance of experience in a whole host of specialities.

Being based on the South Coast and close to major transport links, we offer a nationwide service to our clients, who continue to request our services year on year. We work to build strong and lasting working relationships with every event client to ensure that the quality of our provision is kept high and is tailored to the individual intricacies of your event.

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Small Events

There's no event too small!. Even at smaller events, event organisers still need to provide the right medical support. From sporting competitions, to music events; marathons to movie and TV cover, our team has a proven track record in making sure the right level of cover is implemented to suit individual needs. Our clients love our reliable, professional and affordable service where we go the extra mile so you don’t have to. We’re able to provide a whole range of medical resources and have the ability to efficiently and cost effectively cover events from a simple community event right up to mass gatherings and everything in-between.

Cycle Response Units (CRU) are very popular with smaller events as a way of our clinicians reaching patients more rapidly and effectively than vehicles. Especially in off road situations or in pedestrianised areas, our clinicians are able to make sure each patient has the best level of care possible.

We are easily able to cater for both indoor and outdoor events, where we will always supply appropriately skilled clinicians to ensure your event is covered to the best possible standard.

Small Event Cover
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Large Events

The GB-EMS team has many years of proven experience in providing and coordinating medical and welfare cover for large and high profile events where we fully understand and anticipate the logistics and demands these commitments often present.

Our approach to covering large events ensures that we provide the highest level of medical support possible. We regularly provide A&E style medical centres with full advanced life support and resuscitation capabilities in addition to the usual first aid treatment bays.  The additional equipment and skills we provide on site reduces the requirement for patients to attend hospital in a lot of cases.  Where patients do need to attend a local NHS hospital, in most cases they are referred directly to an appropriate service by one of our clinicians.

Our track record shows our ability to cope with a multitude of different scenarios and our highly robust clinical and operational governance system ensures we provide a high standard of quality and care to every patient, all of the time. 

We regularly provide a full range of medical professionals ranging from qualified and experienced first aiders up to and including specialist paramedics and doctors. These are all supported by high quality resources including:

  • Frontline Emergency Ambulances
  • Stretcher Capable "Off Road" 4x4 Ambulances
  • 4x4 and Standard Rapid Response Vehicles
  • Non Emergency Transport Ambulances
  • Event Medical Centres / Static First Aid Points
  • Cycle Response Units
  • Fully Supported Critical Care Teams
  • Radio Communication & Control Units
  • Event Welfare Services (Static and Responding)
  • Defibrillators and Cardiac/Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Life Support
  • Clinical and Operational Governance often exceeding National Standards
  • On Site Wound Assessment & Management
  • Extensive Medical Equipment, Medications and Consumables
  • And much more …
Large Medical Centre
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Sporting Events

We've been meeting or exceeding industry regulations for sporting cover since 2010.

We provide year round cover to sporting fixtures and competitions, from marathons to martial arts, bike-racing to boxing, we have many years of proven experience and knowledge behind us, backed up with addition regular updates surrounding best practice medical and logistical procedures.

Whether the event is hosted in an indoor sports centre or across miles of outdoor track, we pride ourselves on being able to work closely with clients to make sure they are receiving the best level of provisions tailored to their event or competition.

As part of our standard service, we will work to obtain a copy of your sports governing bodies "regulations", to ensure our medical provision either works to, or exceeds recomended cover levels or expectations. 

We have strong relations with a number of well known and high profile sporting events in various areas, so you can be reasure you are hiring a team with proven experience and know what to expect at your event.

Emergency ambulance Marathon
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Medical Cover Enquirey

What if my event is more than one day or requires 24hr cover?

We regularly support events of all sizes over multiple days, sometimes even over several weeks of round the clock cover. We can work closely to plan how much cover you need on each day, and are often present during set-up and break down too. We'll also help to analyse peak requirement times and tailor your medical team to your core requirements, which can actually be more cost effective.

I have not needed 'First Aid' cover before. why do I need you?

We strongly recommend that all events with either members of the public or competitors seek at least a basic level of medical cover. Not only is it often a stipulation of your liability insurance cover, it also means gives reassurance as an organiser that everyone on your event will receive medical care if they need it.

Can you work with other emergency services or agencies?

Yes! In fact it is essential that we build good relations with other service providers to your event including security, police, NHS and fire and rescue services.

Are there any events or sports you can't cover?

Not that we know about! For there are any specialisms that we can not provide for in house; GB-EMS Group works closely with a network of industry partners to ensure that the right medical team with the right equipment, experience and specialisms supports the event. In all cases GB-EMS Group will continue to manage the cover, Giving you a point of contact with a team you know and trust.

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Our Staff Promise

All of our team go through an extensive recruitment and induction process.  All hold enhanced DBS certificates and regulated medical qualifications. 

Our team then maintains their qualifications to high nationally and internationally recognised standards and; where possible, they are registered with appropriate governing bodies (Such as the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and EMT Registries).

Our Team undertakes annual update training in medical and procedural best practice and subscribes to regular CPD (Continued Professional Development) training. 

GB-EMS Group works closely with individual members of our team to ensure their skills remain as sharp as possible and that they work in line with best practice guidelines.

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