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UKRDA Endorsed since 2012

The GB-EMS Team has been the first UKRDA endorsed medical provider in the UK, providing leading medical cover for bouts, boot camps and tournaments across the country.

The team began supporting roller derby back in 2011 and very quickly became a household name in the southern half of the UK, due to our specialist knowledge of the sport and our ability to provide a comprehensive, yet cost effective service that not only worked operationally, but also fully met with WFTDA and MRDA standards.

The team have not only integrated with the sport, but also the roller derby community as a whole.. Some of our Derby Names are even TwoEvils registered..

We've been heavily involved in national and international fixtures, including "End of the World Series", the "Heartland Series", "Men's European Roller Derby Championships", "Men's Roller Derby World Cup 2014" and are currently working closely with leagues in providing support to the British Championships at all levels.

Our support for Roller Derby across the UK has evolved in recent years, from providing regular Medical Support to Bouts, Boot Camps and Tournaments to providing Event Safety Advice and Roller Derby "Specific" - First Aid Training.  Get in touch with our team for more information: or 0330 111 5767.

UKRDA Discounts

As part of our ongoing relationship with UKRDA, we provide discounted bout/tournament cover and training services to any UKRDA Member League.   Get in touch with our team for more information, or to book your bout cover.

Training Services

In addition to the Regulated First Aid and Ambulance qualifications currently provided by GB-EMS Training Services, our team also provides bespoke (with regulated elements) Roller Derby specialist First Aid Training, where our experienced roller derby medics will team up with a registered first aid trainer to give these courses a unique "Roller Derby" flavour..

Roller Derby First Aid - 1 Day Course - ideal for those people who assist with training sessions.
Roller Derby Responder - 3 Day Course - ideal for those people who assist with cover at Boot Camps and Scrimmages, where "Official" cover isn't always required.

These courses are trained at venues close to you and are extremely cost effective.

We've so far, trained these courses at Birmingham Blitz Dames, London Roller Girls, Southampton City Rollers, Portsmouth Roller Wenches, Norfolk Roller Derby, Bridgend Roller Derby and more.. and have received amazing responses.  For more information, get in touch with our team at:

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Phone: 0330 111 5767

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UKDRA Endorsed

Our Specialist Team even have their own derby names, look out for:

- Pastor PainKillaz
- Betty Brufen
- Ninja Fish
- Boris (Mr Foreign Secretary)
- Pastor Red-Bull
- Obi-Wan Jacobi
- Birdy
- Andy Biotics
- Pat's Lied
- Rob it Better
- Gummi Bare
- Farmer
- SoreSarge
- Splinterella
- Stu-Bo
- Canada Dry
- Professor-Savier

...and the team keeps growing...