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Our First Aid and Ambulance Training Courses are Trained by Serving Medical Professionals

Our trainers have bags of real world experience, which makes our courses extremely valuable, interesting and engaging. 

GB-EMS Training Services has been operating since 2012 providing the highest quality of regulated and bespoke qualifications to an array of clients both inside and out of the ambulance industry. From a simple 1 day Emergency First Aid course through to in depth and career building medical training.

Our primary focus is on First Aid and other Medical Qualifications, however, we offer a range of other workplace centred courses (e.g. Health and Safety, Fire Safety and the Award in Education and Training)  We offer OfQual regulated qualifications and train on behalf of two awarding organisations; Qualsafe Awards and AoFAQ providing a wide choice of training packages.

Our team has the ability to provide training courses at your own venue, or we can arrange a suitable training venue for you.

Qualifications we currently offer

Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work

Designed directly at employers who need to meet H+S regulations, this course gives the core basic skills of what to do in a medical emergency before 999 help arrives. 1 day | Practical Assessment

Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work & use of an Automated External Defibrillator

Designed at employers, the public, or those looking to work as a "First aider" or "Ambulance Care Assistant", the Level 3 in First Aid at work is a very thorougher foundation into first aid principles that will let student cope with the vast majority of first aid emergencies. 3 days | Practical Assessments | Multiple Choice Exam

Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid

The Level 3 in Emergency Paediatric First Aid is designed for those who will regularly be working with children from 1yr - 8yrs old. This course will give students a good foundation of what to do in a medical emergency involving children before 999 help arrives. 1 Day | Practical Assessments | Multiple Choice Exam

Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid

The Level 3 in Paediatric First Aid is designed for those who will regularly be working with children from 1yr - 8yrs old. This course will give students a good foundation of what to do in a medical emergency involving children before 999 help arrives. This course meets OfSted Standards. 2 days | Practical Assessments | Multiple Choice Exam

QA Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care *FREC3*

The Level 3 award in First Response Emergency Care is designed for those who directly want a pathway into Ambulance work. Commonly set at "First Responder" or "Emergency Care Assistant" level, FREC3 is a fantastic foundation into the core principles of emergency ambulance care. 5 day course | Practical Assessments | Written Examinations

QA Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care *FREC4*

The Level 4 Award in First Response Emergency Care is the next level of development after a student has completed a FREC 3. This course goes it to significant more detail about the human anatomy and the care that can be given pre hospitially on an emergency ambulance. Commonly associated at "EMT" level, this course is ideal for those who want more progression in their ambulance career. FREC 3 + 5 Days | Practical Assessments | Written Examination | Post Course Workbook.

QA Level 5 Diploma in First Response Emergency and Urgent Care *FREUC5*

*Coming Soon* The Level 5 Award in First Response Emergency Care is again another step up for those that have completed a FREC 4. Here the course is designed to challenge those who have significant experience in ambulance care. Often associated at "Ambulance Technician" or "AAP" level, FREUC 5 comprehensively covers in depth the majority of all medical conditions that will be experienced when working on an ambulance and goes into significant depth about treatment and management of chronic illness and trauma. FREC 4 + 3 weeks | Practical Assessments | Written Examinations | Post course workbook | 750 hrs of ambulance work experience post course.

Level 3 Award in the Administration of Life Saving Medications.

Aimed at those who have completed a minimum of a "FREC4" or other equivalent qualification, this course is designed for prehospital care providers who have a specific responsibility at work to be able to safely administer and monitor the effects of medications. 2 Days | Multiple assessment criteria.

Level 4 Certificate in Emergency Response Driving (UKERT)

Using our industry partners at United Kingdom Emergency Response Training (UKERT), we can offer candidates the ability to gain the highest level of regulated qualification in emergency response driving in the UK. Commonly called "Blue light driver training", this course will challenge a students driving ability and improve their driving technique to a standard where a student will undertake emergency response driving. 2 weeks | ROSPA Assessment | Practical Assessment | Pre and Post course online workbooks. (Please note this course is not available to the general public, students must prove employment and justification for having this qualification).

Health and Safety and Fire Safety Qualifications

We are able to deliver the Level 1 in Fire Safety Awareness, a short course for those needing a foundation lesson in what to do in a the event of a fire based emergency. Further we offer the Level 2 in Fire Safety, a slightly more in depth course, aimed for those in workplace environments outlining what the correct fire procedures should be.

Manual Handeling Qualifications

We can currently deliver the: - Level 2 award in Principles of Manual Handling - Level 2 in Moving People Safely - Level 2 in Safe Moving and Handling All of the above courses provide robust introductions and provide core skills and knowledge for those working in environments where the physical moving loads and people may be a regular occurrence.

Clinical CPD/Updates/Refresher Training

We can provide bespoke training packages to cover a whole range of Clinical CPD and Update Training, utilising our knowledgeable and experienced clinical tutors. Available packages includes: - Patient Assessment and Observations - Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups - ECG Placement and Rhythm Recognition - Management of Catastrophic Bleeding - Basic Trauma Study Session - Consent and Confidentiality - Airway Management and Medical Gas - Paediatric Assessment. If there is a specific medical topic you or your medical team need training on, we have a felixaeble training team that in the majority of cases can accommodate most scenarios.

Our Core Value Propositions:

  • Flexible training styles to meet student learning needs
  • All medical qualifications only taught by serving ambulance personal.
  • Regularly accommodate "bolt on" or bespoke training to meet student needs.
  • Full time GB-EMS Training Team
  • Multiple South Cost Training Centres
  • Trainers travel nationally to client venues
  • Over 5 years training success, with trainers offering decades of experience and insight
  • We offer courses that are external accredited and regularly quality checked.

Residential Courses

FREC 3 & 4 by the sea!

 A new way of accommodating students wishing to undertake our week long courses. 

Using residential partners on the picturesque Isle of Wight, we are now offering our FREC 3 & 4 course in a venue that can accommodate both large training rooms, and full board accommodation.  Here students will spend 4 nights and 5 days both leaning life saving skills while being able to relax and enjoy the benefits the Isle of wight has to offer in the evenings. The course price includes ferry travel to and from the island, the full accommodation fees, 3 meals a day, and a shuttle service from the ferry port to the training venue on the island.

How to book courses and find out current prices?

We regulaly hold publicly open courses, details of which and prices can be found HERE

To book a course on behalf of a group or a workplace, in the first instance please email or cal 0330 111 5767. 

Prices for 'private' or workplace courses do vary depending on location, course size, and course content, as such the best way to find out is to email our team directly to gain a no obligation quote.

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